ndrive manual


ndrive is a python library that can provide access to Naver Ndrive. This is not an official Ndrive python API, so some features may not be implemented, yet.

from ndrive import Ndrive nd = Ndrive() nd.login(“YOUR_ID”,”YOUR_PASSWORD”) nd.uploadFile(“test.txt”,’/test.txt’,True) # local_file, to_path, overwrite

Key Features

  • Download and upload a file
  • Get file and directory list of Ndrive directories
  • Make a url share link for a specific directory or file
  • Search Ndrive file and directory
  • Get properties of file and directory


This package is available in PyPI. To install it in your system, use easy_install:

$ easy_install ndrive

Or use pip:

$ pip install ndrive

Or check out developement version:

$ git clone git://github.com/carpedm20/ndrive.git

Quick Start

If you want to start with Ndrive module, you need to login to Ndrive first. Just make a Ndrive object and use login method.


nd = Ndrive()

Then you might want to download a file from your Ndrive, but you might don’t know exact filename in Ndrive directory. Then, you can use getList method to get list of files and directory of given directory.

Don’t forget to put / in front of the Ndrive path, which indicate root directory of Ndrive

Get file and directory List:

nd_list = nd.getList('/', type=3)
print nd_list

If you find a file, then you can download the file to your local directory.


nd.download('/Picture/flower.png', './flower.png')

Or you can upload a file:


You can make a test directory at root directory:


and move a file from root to a created test directory:


API documentation

This is the information of class and method of ndrive.


Version 0.1

First public preview release.

License and Author

This Ndrive package is opened under the MIT license. See LISENCE file for a further information.

I’m Kim Tae Hoon, a student and developr :)

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